Northwest Event Video specializes in real-time, multi-camera video production and live-streaming.

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Advanced Multi-Camera Production

We are experts in real-time, multi-camera production.  Using a range of sophisticated production equipment, we create dynamic and engaging cinematic videos that stand out from the competition.  By offering our clients true, multi-camera productions, they are able to enjoy superior event coverage, fast project delivery, and controlled video production costs.

Live Streaming

Our crew is ready to help you create a professional live-stream experience for your audience. We offer full-service live production, including camera operators, technicians, audio engineers, and graphics designers. With more than a decade of real broadcast TV production experience, there is simply no better choice when it comes to live-stream production.

No Cost Production

Imagine getting to have high-quality video recording of your event at no cost to you.  For many youth based events, we are able to offer our production services at little to no cost. In exchange for the right to sell copies of the video to the audience, we are able to produce a video of your show without having to charge you anything.

Why choose Northwest Event Video?

Northwest Event Video

Other Event Videographers

  • Custom Tailored Solutions

    Every event is unique, so why should event video production always be the same? We work with you, to understand your event and the specific goals you have for your video, then deliver a custom solution tailored to fit your unique needs.

  • One Size Fits All

    Often videographers have a specific workflow that they are comfortable with and try to make your project fit in that workflow.  As a result, you might lack control or not have options when it comes to your video.

  • Sophisticated Multi-Camera Production

    Not only do we film events with multiple broadcast-grade cameras, but our video director monitors the feeds from these cameras, coordinates their shots, and makes real-time editing decisions. The result is a beautiful and engaging video.  Plus, because many of the editing decisions are made in real-time, during filming, the final video is able to be delivered much more quickly than a video that is shot, then edited later.

  • Limited Coverage

    No matter how skilled a videogapher might be, single camera production simply can’t give you the same kind of coverage that you get with a multi-camera setup.  Even if a videographer does use more than one camera, that doesn’t mean they have the equipment to allow for real-time coordination between the cameras.

  • Professional Crew

    We have worked hard to assemble a talented professional production crew.  Key crew members not only have advanced education in video production, filmmaking, or related field but also have years of professional experience.  Our crew members have created content for major broadcast networks, including ABC, CBS, and Fox, as well as worked on nationally syndicated TV shows.

  • Guy with a camera

    There are many reasons a person may want to be a videographer, but maxing out one’s credit card on a professional camcorder doesn’t make one a professional.  When hiring a videographer it can be difficult to tell if you are getting a pro, or just someone who bought a nice camera.

  • DVD, Blu-ray, digital files, live-streaming

    We’re able to deliver your event video in a variety of ways, depending on what you require.  We’re able to offer full-service DVD and high-definition Blu-ray production and duplication, digital file downloads, video streaming (including live streaming), and more.  However you want to get your video to your audience, we can help.

  • Few delivery options

    Most event videographers focus exclusively on the production of your video, but offer limited options for how they can deliver the final product. This can leave you in the situation of having to make video copies and deliver them to your audience yourself.

  • No cost production

    For many events we are able to offer our services at no-cost in exchange for the exclusive rights to sell copies of the video to the performers, their families, and the audience.

  • Up front costs

    Typically, event videographers will require at least partial payment up front as well as deposit to lock in the date.