Nutcracker Remixed 2023 Progress

Overall project progress
  • Work resumed after illness (January 28)

    I had managed to avoid COVID until now, and it hit me hard. Despite being fully vaccinated, COVID ended up being much more than just a cold for me.  As such, I’ve been too ill to get much done for several weeks.  However, I am happy to share that I am now doing much better and have been able to resume work on the Nutracker Remix.  The first show is completely done.  I still need to finish the graphics and end credits for the second show, and build the DVD/Blu-ray menus for both.  Now that I am feeling better, I will be working on these videos non-stop until they are completed.

  • Production complete (November 20)

    The filming part is all done and everything looks great!  Next up is post-production, where we will be adding in the video titles, credit sequences, and color grading.

  • In Production (November 18)

    The Friday show has been filmed and is ready to go into post-production, the Sunday show is still to come.

  • Shoot scheduled

    The video shoot has been scheduled.  We are looking forward to producing the video of your event.

Cover image for the Nutracker Remixed, November 17, 2023.